September 21, 2020

Best game played

Feb 22, 2015

   This may be the sexiest game ever played. Have you seen something sexier than that on TV? Even if it looks stupid and its purpose is more related to rating and less to showing the performance of the contestants, it seems to be really funny, and a pleasure to watch. But don’t look too much, because your eyes might ...

They came to take away his car! Look how this man responded

Feb 22, 2015

   They came to take away his scrap car, but this man had an extreme reaction to this situation! Some people just don’t like rules and hate to accept things that they’re supposed to do and shouldn’t discuss any terms about them. This guy definitely has a strong desire to keep his belongings, but not in a legal way. He ...

Funniest moments you’ve ever witnessed!

Feb 21, 2015

   These people are on a roll! The best funny fails you’ve ever seen will make you laugh in tears! No matter if these guys did that to themselves on purpose, or it’s a fate and bad luck thing, they’re in deep trouble! Some of them are just unlucky, others are deliberately doing stupid things, without thinking about consequences. And ...

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

Feb 21, 2015

   This is probably the most shocking footage in the world. The moment when the biggest earthquake Japan ever had generates a gigantic tsunami that hits the shore and the coastal cities. It was the worst tsunami ever recorded, and 18 000 people lost their lives in this tragic natural event. More than one million buildings were damaged and several totally ...

World’s Biggest Snake Was Found Alive In Brazil

Feb 21, 2015

   If this isn’t the biggest snake in the world, then which one is? This thing is so huge, it makes you remain numb and shocked, even scared to death. Especially when seeing the snake and the prey that he has eaten, which seems to be a big cow. Seriously, a cow? Poor animal. The snake’s body rejected it as ...