February 23, 2020

Girl Having Fun In The Bushes

Feb 21, 2015

   This girl seems to have a lot of fun in the bushes! But does she want that much to share this with the ones who just want a quiet, relaxing walk in the park? Maybe they just don’t want to be part of this crazy thing. I wouldn’t say that if it weren’t for their reactions. Their faces say ...

Fattest Kid In The World – Lu Hao

Feb 20, 2015

   Lu Hao is the fattest kid in the world, and doctors don’t even know why his body is turning that way. Even if his parents watch out his diet, they say he won’t stop crying if he doesn’t get to eat enough. The poor kid sits around all day because sports and other physical activities are making him sore ...

Boyfriend discovers she wasn’t alone in the shower!

Feb 20, 2015

   This guy wanted to scare his girlfriend and film her in the shower, but instead he discovered she wasn’t alone in there. First, he wanted just to scare her, for the fun of it, but then he thought it would be funnier if he recorded her reaction. He had a huge surprise and remained shocked when he saw another person ...

African Bird Trap

Feb 20, 2015

   This bird trap is absolutely insane, and totally efficient. The purpose of the tutorial is entirely educational, meant to be used in survival situations, and can be applied in extreme situations for catching various animals, especially birds. Animals shouldn’t be harmed or captured for other purposes. This guy recently returned from Africa, where he had learned this how to ...

Panic on TV – Panicats leads to a hike in water!

Feb 19, 2015

   Panic on TV! These girls are trying to run on water, but they didn’t know that this challenge would bring them so many failures and even scare them so much. It’s funny to watch them trying, though, even if you know they’ll fail before they start running. Of course, it’s not impossible, and the professionals prove it, but it ...