August 6, 2020

Bug Buried in Guy’s Ear

Feb 19, 2015

   This poor guy had a huge surprise when this big, terrifying bug got into his ear, making itself comfortable in this temporary home, driving him crazy, making him scream as loud as he can. The guy was so disturbed by the huge bug, he just couldn’t stay on his own feet. Boy, it must be a really scary feeling ...

The Master Jet Li vs geek in dojo

Feb 19, 2015

   The Master Jet Li has a problem with the geek in dojo. It’s going to be an interesting fight, with an unexpected outcome. Some may say shocking. People always judge others after the clothes they wear, the attitude they have and other things that can sometimes be misleading. The same thing happened in this situation, when ordinary becomes special, ...

Mermaid Body Found and Explained

Feb 19, 2015

   A real mermaid is thought to be discovered, and the evidence is quite impressive. The upper body seem to have feminine lines and forms, and the tails looks incredibly real and pretty convincing. Though her face seems a little fake, which made everyone believe that this is just another hoax. Scientists declared that, at the present, there are no ...

Huge Tidal Wave Surprise

Feb 19, 2015

   This is a horrifying surprise from a giant, destructive tidal wave, which seem to take with it everything sitting in its way. No matter if we’re talking about people, cars, animals and all sorts of objects. The most stupid thing is that people deliberately went to see this phenomenon and its effect, and it seems like they didn’t expect ...

Hybrid Man Found in China

Feb 17, 2015

   A hybrid man was found in Sichuan province in China. The way he looks and acts is clearly different and very ape-like, and he is also incredibly tall. He can’t speak and he barely understands what people say to him. The mother of the boy claims that she was kidnapped and raped by an ape, a giant creature, and ...