August 6, 2020

My Ex-Girlfriend’s Best Mate

Feb 17, 2015

   His ex-girlfriend has a serious problem. Actually, they all have a problem, and they’re not going to talk about it, like it’s supposed to happen. Communication is the key in any relationship, no matter of what kind of it. Honesty and truth can offer a better understanding of issues that come along with the good things. And they can ...

Jaguar Attacks Crocodile

Feb 17, 2015

   This clever jaguar attacks a crocodile using an incredible technique! The crocodile is laying on a little land portion in the middle of a lake, apparently safe from an unexpected attack. Nobody would guess that something swims underneath the water, preparing to pop out and take out the pray. The jaguar uses this hunting technique because he is a good ...

They went too far!

Feb 17, 2015

   Oh, they went too far this time! They are making the funniest, yet stupid mistakes, and they are paying for them, too. It’s all about living in the moment and taking chances, but these people don’t have a limit established first. They are all about failing and failing again, and they don’t seem to mind that. Actually, some of ...

Giant Bat Captured, What is it??

Feb 17, 2015

   Is this really creepy and scary, or is it just me? This giant bat looks like a horrifying giant vampire, ever worse like in the movies. A gargantuan bat was caught by military personnel in the jungles of the Philippines, and the stories of its size and looks terrified the ones who listened to them. If the bat is ...

Man Fights A Monster Over 100 Kg

Feb 17, 2015

   This man fights a monster over 100 kg! For almost 40 minutes he struggles to catch it, but the giant is so big and so strong that it really makes it a challenge. A hard one. But, in the end, the man succeeds and catches the huge catfish over 100 kg. And it’s worth the pain and the effort ...