August 6, 2020

When Giraffes Attack

Feb 16, 2015

   If you get too close to a giraffe you might get seriously injured! They are more likely to attack when they feel threaten or when their territory is violated. It’s better to keep a safe distance and respect their space, if you don’t want to be in trouble. Several reports have been registered, so that means that they do ...

Killer Catfish Hunt Pigeons On Land

Feb 16, 2015

   Some catfish have been reported as being serious killers! This unique behavior has been observed in south-western France, where catfish developed an interesting hunting technique. They hunt and grab pigeons that lay on the beach, at the shore, attacking them by surprise. It seems like they don’t use sight that much, but feel the vibrations in the water, those ...

Best trick of all time!

Feb 16, 2015

   These crazy tricks are meant to make people lose their minds. It’s too funny, you can’t hold your laugh, but you have to admit that it is very dangerous. He could really harm them, it’s only a matter of luck that he manages to escape without creating too much damage around. The kind of humor he adopts is a ...

Crazy truck driver

Feb 16, 2015

   This driver is out of his mind, without any doubt! I guess that safety is the last thing he worries about while driving on these narrow, dangerous mountain roads. He seems he has nothing to lose, well… except the logs that he holds in the truck. They’re not tied up in any way, and they might just go off ...


Feb 15, 2015

   These are ones of the biggest animal fights ever recorded. They illustrate a very cruel, yet realistic way of obtaining food, territory or other advantages. In the wild, things can get really messy, especially when neither of the animals backs up. It’s the way they make it through the day, surviving the best they can, no matter what they ...